The Protocol for the 21st century shipping industry, turns 15: Happy Birthday SHIPDEX Protocol!

2023 marks the 15th anniversary of SHIPDEX protocol. SHIPDEX, a not-for-profit organization that has been leading the way in digitalization and life-cycle management of technical data in the shipping industry, was founded with the primary objective of introducing digitalization to the maritime technical data sector, including technical manuals and in-service data feedback. Here below the [...]

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Ocean Technology Group meet with MSM/Lydia Mar Manila

Ocean Technologies Group (OTG), the maritime e-learning company formed by the merger of Videotel, Seagull, COEX, Marine Training Services (MTS), Marlins and Tero Marine, has combined all its offerings on a single platform, under the new company name, Ocean Technologies Group. On 27 March 2023, Elaine Forrester, the Tier 1 Customer Success Leader of OTG [...]

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MSM sponsors upgrade of Mission to Seafarers facilities in Limassol

The Mission to Seafarers has recently unveiled its newly updated crew area at the Limassol port in Cyprus. The new facility has been designed to provide seafarers with a comfortable and welcoming environment during their time onshore. The crew area features comfortable seating, Wi-Fi access, television screens, and a selection of books and magazines for [...]

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Shipdex can now send maintenance data back to manufacturers

Shipdex, a standard for transferring maintenance data and instructions between equipment manufacturers and shipping companies, is now able to transfer data back to manufacturers. Until now, it was a one-way system, for manufacturers to provide shipping companies with maintenance instructions and data in a structured format, which would be easier to work with than paper [...]

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In August 2020, the first GreenOil system was installed onboard MV MSM DON. The WP1-P2-750 was fitted to clean the lubeoil of a Yanmar main engine type 6EY26, shortly thereafter, the water contamination in the oil was eliminated and substantial savings were achieved within a few months. Read full story

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MV Chiapas Star – Delivery

We are happy to announce that on the 26th of October at 13:13 lt Piraeus, Greece, the delivery of MV Chiapas Star (ex. Mohawk) was successfully concluded and the vessel has entered into MSM management. Beginning of November she will enter into a one-year time charter with Messrs. CMA CGM, trading in East Africa. Thank [...]

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Education is Key – Interview with Capt. E-H. Adami

Mastermind’s Eugen Adami tells Maritime CEO (issue 2/2021) about the importance of engaging with the public. “We have to focus on new technology, on automation aboard ships, on greener processes and advocate the positioning of a seafarer as a person who is differently educated and motivated than before, give it a green badge,” he says. [...]

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MSM Ltd. and DESMI Ocean Guard signs an Agreement for 13 BWMS

Mastermind Shipmanagement Ltd., Navkratis Ltd., and DESMI Ocean Guard A/S are pleased to announce that MSM has selected the CompactClean Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) for installation on its owned fleet consisting of dry-bulk, break-bulk, multipurpose vessels, and cement carriers. The agreement is to provide 13 CompactClean BWMS and engineering services to the modern fleet [...]

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MV Blue One – Delivery

We are happy to announce that on the 02nd of June at 08:06 lt Tampa, FL., the delivery of MV Blue One (ex. Cielo di Dublino) was successfully concluded and the vessel has now entered into MSM D.o.o. management. On the 07th June she will enter into a one-year time charter with Messrs. Oldendorff. Thank [...]

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AAL Shipping (AAL) is taking delivery of two additional ‘G-Class’ multipurpose heavy lift vessels, expanding its core fleet to 720,200 total deadweight (DWT). The Pacific Action and AAL Gladstone have both served in the AAL fleet in the past and re-join later this month – the former renamed this week, ‘AAL Gibraltar’. These versatile and [...]

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