Ship Basic Information
Builders Rongcheng Shipyard, China
Type Multi-Purpose Double Hull Box-shaped Mini Bulker, Ice class
Flag Cyprus
Port of registry Limassol
Classification GL, +100A5, E2, Multi-Purpose Ship; Strengthened for Heavy Cargoes; Equipped for Carriage of Containers, +MC, AUT, E2, TSM, Solas II-2 Reg.19 Class 1.4, 5, 2, 3, 4, 5.1, 6.1, 8, 9
EDDI, voluntary 13,837 (for this Shiptype no max EEDI is allocated)
Vessel Specific Information
Year of Built
Summer Deadweight (mt)
Lightweight (mt)
Environmental Rating
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Dimensions and Main Data
Length o. a. MSM DON 106.00m; MSM DOURO & MSM DOLORES 109.02m
Length b.p. MSM DON 99.98m; MSM DOURO & MSM DOLORES 102.98m
Breadth max. 15.20 m  (Max Breath over the Fender = 15.63 m)
Depth to Main Deck 7.90 m
Deadweight Summer MSM DON 5,647 mt; MSM DOURO 5,732 mt; MSM DOLORES 5,745 mt
Draft Summer 5.88 m
Gross Tonnage MSM DON GT 4,220; MSM DOURO & MSM DOLORES GT 4,358
Net Tonnage MSM DON NT 2,456; MSM DOURO & MSM DOLORES NT 2,525
Speed / Consumption about 11.00 kn at 8.0 mt LSFO 180cSt  (at design draft of 5.10 m and Bf 2)
Timber Fitted Yes
Suez / Panama Canal Fitted Yes
St. Lawrence Fitted Adaptable
Bowthruster Yes
Cement Hole Fitted Yes (900 mm Diameter)
Stern Anchor Fitted Yes
Airdraft Geared Vessels = 27.50 m airdraft ; Gearless Vessels = 21.40 m airdraft
Crew Complement 11
LSFO-180 cSt 257.02 cbm (at 100%) (including day and settling tanks)
MDO 58.45 cbm (at 100%)
Waterballast 1,960 cbm (at 100%) MSM DON; 2,047 cbm MSM DOURO/DOLORES
Freshwater 69.03 cbm (at 100%)
Cargo hold washwater tank 60.96 cbm (at 100%)
Hatches 4 pontoons on hatch no.1 (MSM DOURO/DOLORES have 5 pontoons) and 7 pontoons on hatch no.2. Moved by electric driven gantry crane from MacGREGOR
Holds 2 cargo holds with full tween deck positions in both holds. A partial tween deck (movable bulkheads) of 18,4m length is on board.
Hold Dimensions (LxBxH) Hold no.1=25.50 m x 12.65 m/10.1 m x 9.2 m : MSM DON
Hold no.1=29.25 m x 12.65 m/10.1 m x 9.2 m : MSM DOURO/DOLORES
Hold no.2=45.75 m x 12.65 m x 9.2 : ALL VESSELS
Movable Bulkheads 2 full bulkheads (2 panels for each b/h = 4 in total) erection possible in 3 different positions in hold no. 2;  and 2 positions in hold no.1. The 4 panels can also be used as tweendeck of 18,4 m length.
Tweendeck (movable bulkheads) 4 bulkhead panels can be placed as tweendeck of 18.40 meter length at any position in hold no. 2 or hold no. 1. Clear height 5.64 m from tanktop. Clear height of 3.17 m from T/D to underneath hatch cover.
All holds mechanically ventilated / 6 air changes per hour
Grain capacity MSM DON abt 289,000 cbf (hold no.1=106,000 and hold no.2=183,000); excluding bulk heads.
MSM DOURO & DOLORES abt 301,000 cbf (hold no.1=118,000 and hold no.2=183,000), excluding bulk heads.
Containers capacity Total 243 TEU (159 TEU in hold and 84 TEU on deck)
Admissable Load Container Stack Weight (TEU/FEU)
Tanktop 15.00 mt/sqm 60.0 mt / 60.0 mt
Tween deck (movable bulkhead) 2.40 mt/sqm Only 4 panels onboard for 18.4 m
Weatherdeck Hatchcover No. 1 & 2 2.20 mt/sqm 61.0 mt / 61.0 mt
Crane 1 (Holds 1&2) DOURO & DOLORES SWL 45 mt x 18.0 m at 17.0 m outreach; MSM DON SWL 30.0 mt x 24.0 m at 23.0 m outreach (11/2011)
Crane 2 (Hold 2) DOURO & DOLORES SWL 45.0 mt x 18.0 m at 17.0 m outreach; MSM DON SWL 30.0 mt x 24.0 m at 23.0 m outreach (11/2011)
Crane 1 & 2 combined (Hold 2) DOURO & DOLORES SWL 90.0 mt at 12.0 m outreach; MSM DON SWL 60.0 mt at 12.0 m outreach (11/2011)
Machinery Main Engine
Type YANMAR Model 6EY26
Power MSM DON 1,920 kW at 750 rpm;  MSM DOURO & DOLORES 1,990 kW at 750 rpm
Grade fuel used LSFO 180cSt
Auxillary Engine
Type HND (Deutz MWM) license TBD 234V8
Number 3
Power 249 kW each
Grade fuel used LS MDO
Generator 230 kW, 400V, 50Hz, 1,500 rpm
Shaft generator 350 kW, 400V, 50Hz, 1,500 rpm
Bowthruster Kawasaki, 300kW
Fuel Consumption at a speed of about 11.00kn at Design draft of 5.10m at (Bf 2)
Ship at sea about 8.00 mt LSFO 180cSt
about 0.0 mt (shaft generator)
Ship in port about 0.80 mt
Navigation and Communication Equipment
2 ARPA radars Anemometer & Anemoscope
Gyro Compass & Autopilot river/sea also connected to magnetic Compass MF/HF Transmitter/Receiver
Doppler Speed Log 2 VHF Radiotelephones
Echosounder 3 portable VHF
GPS Receiver Inmarsat Fleet Broad Band 250 + C
DGSP Receiver Fax
Navtex Receiver KVH V-Sat
AIS Chartco Receiver
SSAS Chartco Metmanager Receiver
All details to be considered as about, given in good faith but without any guarantee.