Following the good developments of the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), whose members charter tanker vessels, Mastermind Shipmanagement (MSM) has decided to make use of their published new ‘Recommendations Relating to Requirements Governing Seafarers’ Hours of Work and Rest’

The OCIMF Recommendations set out minimum expectations which it is hoped shipping companies will take into account to achieve compliance with IMO and ILO rules, to prevent fatigue and reduce fatigue related incidents. The Recommendations were developed in co-operation with the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the International Shipping Federation (ISF), who represent maritime employers during the negotiations at IMO and ILO on seafarers’ work and rest hours.

The above mentioned OCIMF paper refers to the ISF Watchkeeper Version 3.3 computer software as being suitable for this purpose, incorporating calculations and the ability to generate reports that are consistent with the oil companies’ recommendations. Since the oil majors have stringent views on those matters, MSM believes that the ISF Watchkeeper Version 3.3 should also be adapted by dry cargo shipping.

Given the importance attached to ensuring the proper management and recording of seafarers’ hours of work and rest, MSM, like OCIMF and ICS, recommends that purpose – developed computer software is used to manage seafarers work and rest hours on board ships in order to demonstrate compliance with both IMO and ILO regulations.

MSM is confident that with the immediate implantation of the ISF Watchkeeper Version 3.3 the Masters and crew on MSM vessels will find it much easier to properly control and manage the workload on board. A good and sound management along the MSM prescribed working hour framework will become better enforceable by this designated reporting software.

Masters will easily be prompted to rest hour violations. This will help the Masters to reorganize the workload to eventually achieve proper compliance. The ISF Watchkeeper Version 3.3 will also assist our Masters in demonstrating to various PSC regimes our company compliance to the MLC 2006 convention.

In response to the news that MSM will be implementing ISF Watchkeeper Version 3.3 on its vessels, ISF and IT Energy – the producers of the Watchkeeper software – offered the following comment:

“We are delighted that MSM has chosen Watchkeeper as their solution for regulatory compliance and reporting and look forward to assisting them in the maintenance of records that can demonstrate compliance with international regulations”

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