Training Policy

MSM considers the personnel, both ashore and at sea, it employs as its most important asset.

MSM aims to provide customers with the best quality service in a safe manner,
therefore adequate training of personnel is vital for MSM aims to be achieved.
MSM will do its best to encourage seafarers to improve their knowledge, skills and

Training of seafarers is done threefold, onboard the vessels, via Magellan Academy for shipping and Transport (MAST) and ashore.

For ashore training MSM has contracted ISNTC, a most renown training centre in Manila / Philippines, which employs highly skilled ex-seagoing Captains and Chief Engineers and provides upgrading and other customized courses for seafarers.

For controlled onboard training MSM provides the following training material:

  • MSM’s Deck and Engine cadet training book
  • Employment Record Book
  • all MAST e-learning courses
  • A library with a variety of publications
  • Marlins "English for Seafarers" study pack 1

MSM induces all seafarers to further their knowledge and skills and all Captains (and senior officers) are instructed to assist seafarers in their effort.

MSM has developed procedures that evaluate the seafarers progress and when the time comes and training is proven to be successful seafarers are rewarded for their effort by proper promotion to higher ranks.

For the office personnel, training needs are identified by each department head and are discussed during the MSM’s weekly "Management Meetings". Once training needs are identified the available training options will be evaluated by the management and the most appropriate training will be selected and provided to ensure best quality of services.

The management of MSM fully supports all personnel efforts for improvement and promises to all personnel who strive for the good of MSM a long lasting relationship and work employment for the years to come.