Safety and Health Policy

MSM places the highest emphasis on the safe operation of the each ship and the safety of the personnel.
Maintaining its safety policy and monitor the safety of the ship's operation and of their shore based and ship board personnel, which shall include:

  • Briefing of staff on the company's quality policies, the understanding and acknowledgement of it
  • Investigation of personal accidents and reporting of the circumstances and findings
  • Evaluating reports of near misses and taking corrective actions
  • Evaluating reports of significant safety deficiencies or defects which cannot be rectified by ship's staff and taking steps to rectify them
  • Conducting safety inspections at scheduled intervals and to record and report the results of these inspections
  • Verification of compliance with the specified safety procedures, as well as national/international standards and requirements

Any non-conformity with the above safety standards must be brought to the attention of the designated person by means of a NON-CONFORMANCE REPORT (NCR) which has been distributed to all vessels and in the office.
The NCR will be discussed in regular Safety Meetings and corrected in an agreed time limit, unless it is a very urgent casualty.
The management will review and analyse the Safety and Health Policy regularly based on the NCR's, the accidents and the inspection reports. The management will make recommendations based on these findings which have to be discussed and implemented, and if agreed on, to be followed up until completed satisfactorily.
The reason for non implementation of a recommendation has to be detailed and recorded.